Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

more action shots

time for some shots with alot less hp in the subject.

i was asked to come out and shoot my friend on his stunt bike today, so i obliged because i had nothing planned anyways. the kid's got talent, and alot of it.

here's the best of the whole shoot.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

nhra southern nats and time with the girl

rolled up to the nhra southern national races today at atlanta dragway in commerce. after a few runs it started to rain, so i left. and by the time i got back to my part of town it wasn't raining and sorta sunny, so i met up with the girl and puffball.

the nhra pics are more of a trial on how the camera performs with that much vibration and speed really.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

back to bristol

took a trip back to bristol a few weeks back, and went to the nascar race. the just a few days ago for the latter half of spring break, i went back. so here are some shots.


Here are just some random pics from whenever and where ever, the story of each photo are here now:

1. from chirstmas time, a bush lit up by some random lights
2. from peachtree park's lake
3. Marriot hotel lobby. just got up and went for breakfast
4. my friend stunting on his bike, he's getting good.
5. Roof top sunset done up in HDR
6. NO (New Orleans), shooting the sound

Day of Rolling

I went to go hang with a friend and have lunch and go for a drive, so we did just that.

a day of shooting

these photos are in random order, not by when they happened, but by when they got uploaded...

it was just a day of shooting with a crew from my church. including the main man, andy ( so yeah here they are....



thanks for droppin by the site. check out the pics and lemme know if you really like somethin!